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Emo Kid Sid

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[Jul. 8th, 2010|10:32 pm]
Emo Kid Sid

has been my favourite movie since 1996.

Thank you, TNT for playing it AGAIN tonight.

I might even put the deeVEEdee on again after it ends.

I know none of you who might read this will understand this, but, "MOOSE! GET BOVES FOR ME!"

Also, Aunt Meg is so old, she was in East Of Eden with the lovely James Dean<3

Also, there were three, count them, THREE people from Twister who were in LOST.

Neil Frogurt, Phil Eyebrows, and Daniel "Adorable" Faraday. (aka Jeremy Davies, aka my secret boyfriend.) And also, Cameron from Ferris Bueller, of course. AND PHILIP FUCKING SEYMOUR HOFFMAN. Hellz yes.