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Emo Kid Sid

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Year 17. [Jul. 5th, 2010|11:01 pm]
Emo Kid Sid
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I might add more to this if I think of anything.

And I mades me an icon :)

(Team Benry's Partially Peeking Out Due To Impatience & Lack Of Editing Skills.)
(Team I Can't Feel My Hands, I Can't Feel My Dick.)
(Team Cats & Cows.)
(Team Putting Up With Keamy's Eggs.)
(Team Don't Feed The Cat Any Cake.)
(Team I Wish Somebody Else Appreciated My Team.)

The sticky heat of the day had mercifully been washed away by a short rain storm, leaving the air only mildly warm. They sat outside together, leaning against the walls of The Flame, watching the sunset, watching the cows graze, watching Nadia stalk the bug that flew around her.

When Levi had turned 13, Mikhail grabbed a bottle of vodka and two shot glasses, and they sat outside to celebrate. It was his gift to Levi: now that he was becoming a man, he could start to drink. Looking back, it was a bad decision. Levi regretted the getting sick and the hangover. Mikhail regretted the mess. But his young stomach eventually grew used to the foul-tasting liquid, and he turned pro over the years, able to drink just about any member of their Island society under the table.

For the past four years, they'd kept it as a tradition, minus the getting sick. On every 11th of July, they'd sit outside and drink. Sometimes they'd talk, sometimes they'd keep thoughts to themselves and simply enjoy each other's company. Really, it wasn't much different from any other day, except they usually stayed indoors to do this.

"In America, you'd be old enough to learn to drive now."

"I've known how to drive since I was ten. Anyway, you said that last year. Are you drunk already?"

"Not very. And stealing DHARMA vehicles for joy rides through the jungle does not count as knowing how to drive."

"Borrowing. Taking with intent to return. I returned them every time, except for the one time you actually let me take and drive."

"We agreed to never speak of that again. Don't you ever tell anyone, by the way. Nobody needs to know that one of the vans now rests somewhere at the bottom of the ocean...."

Levi laughed and crossed his heart and licked at the icing from one of the cupcakes Juliet had made. Chocolate chip, with chocolate icing. She knew just what he wanted.

"Ready for another?" Mikhail poured a shot for both of them. They clinked glasses and downed them, quickly going back to the cupcakes to get the taste of alcohol off their tongues. "I trust those were all the right comic books you wanted?" Mikhail picked small pieces from his cupcake, eating it in a much more civilized manner than shoving half of it in his mouth all at once.

"Uh-huh. Thank you very much," Levi said, only it sounded like he had a huge mouthful of cake to speak around. "Did you see what Tom got me? Can it go up next to your beloved gymnast?"

"Yes, I suppose so."

Tom had found an old Geronimo Jackson poster in a bunch of his old things, and saved it for Levi's birthday gift. It wasn't exactly Mikhail's preferred taste in music, but if it made the boy happy, then it would be alright.

Along with the poster, comics, and cupcakes, there was also a decent stack of books from Alex and Ben. Most fiction novels, some nonfiction, and a couple biographies. It would be hard to choose what to read first, but that issue could be left until after another two shots of vodka.

"Nadia, come here, girl!"

"Levi, don't give the cat any cake."

"The sun's gone down. Do we have to go in?"

"We'll stay as long as you want," Mikhail said. The lamps outside the doorway were on to light the area anyway, so they weren't just sitting in the dark.

A nice, cool breeze made the grass tickle and brush against Levi's legs and bare feet. He liked the feeling of it, and of the vodka, and of sitting out here with his friend.